Thursday, December 4, 2008

Colon, hyphen and a closing bracket :-)

Colon, hyphen and a closing bracket. What’s this? One should be wondering. Well this is what I lost and millions of us lost, when we got up on the early morning of 27th November 2008. As I retired early to bed the previous night, I was just unaware of the 26th November 2008 attack in Mumbai. As I got up in the morning and switched on the TV, my speech went muted. My heart goes all out with the people who were killed, injured and traumatized in the event.

Be it old wine in new bottle or new wine in old bottle, its wine at the end of the day. Be it LET, JEM, Indian Mujahideen, Deccan Mujahideen or whatever bully name they want to call, it makes no difference. The sovereignty of the largest democracy was again at threat and there is no one in the democracy to guard the so called sovereignty. This can happen to all of us any time, any where.

Pakistan, a small country with handful of leaders controlled by extremists and fundamentalists goes on air and condemns the attack. This is the best stage managed drama I have ever seen. The condolences flow in using the best possible vocabulary right from the top to the bottom of the politicians and we have no choice to watch and hear them irrespective of whatever they blabber. Isn’t it a shame?

We have been the most emerging economy in the world and this is in spite of the flawed system, zero security, vision less politicians, senseless bureaucrats and of course all of us who has supported and lived in this system for ages. Imagine with all the systems in place, India would have been a super power bigger than USA.

Do not we feel sad and disgusted with the attacks one after the other. Where is the action? Action is always spelt out in terms of assurances which are so simple for the people in the system because they have been doing the same for ages unknown. I would account myself as a root cause to this just because I am also one among the billions who voted and bought the unworthy people to the hot seats of governance.

The change is “WITHIN”. What needs to be done is a long list of action plan and once we start implementing the action plan the change starts rolling, but the change has to start from “WITHIN”. Every one of us, for the country’s sake, do not shy away from politicians. I will not be able to draw an action plan alone here, but with all the thoughts from novice to noble, the action can start. We spend crores in our budget on defence and home. If we do not use the resources we have to counter the perpetrators, the budget is of utter waste.

My heart goes all out with the sympathizers holding massive rallies to display their out burst on the system and the process in various parts of the country. But is that the solution? That’s the beginning of finding a solution. The rallies are just like a manufacturing unit of vehicle, but we need drivers to put their hands up and stand out and say that I am here to drive the vehicle. Who is going to do this? Are we prepared to take the drive which is tough, rustic and flawless? Yes, I think finally we are!!!

Our politicians will ensure that no major action plan will be implemented as most of them are secured for rest of their life in terms acquiring massive wealth which one cannot even dream of. The reason to have the highest security is to be alive to earn more wealth and enjoy the same. The proceedings with out action should not become another fairy tale of The Boat, Vote and Note.

If we do not respond now strongly, messaging in action of TIT FOR TAT, with a motto to create terror in to the life and mind of terrorists, we would be rather be prepared to cremate more innocent civilians across the country. We would probably forget three keys on our key board – Colon, Hyphen & closing bracket, hence the smile in life too.